Friday, December 17, 2010

Attention Garmin Owners!!

Well hey there, sweet readers!  Sorry our blog has been a waste of your reading space but Christy has been crazy busy at NYU trying to learn how to save the world, and I obviously haven't running as much lately due to pregnancy and hence haven't had much to say.  Not much going on in my running world, but Christy just finished her first marathon recently and did AMAZING!  Read her great race recap here!

Anyway, I personally had a quick question for all you lucky Garmin owners right now.  I am actually currently in the process of seriously deciding on one (not just wishfully pining as in times past) but I am stuck beyond belief!  I've heard so many mixed reviews and so many people love one and hate the other, only for someone else to feel the exact opposite, and all have legitimate reasons.  So what I want to know is 1) what model do you own? 2) what made you decide on said model? 3) what's one reason yours is better than other models? and 4) what are things you really don't like about your model?  At first I was stuck between the 305 and the 405 but now have been told the 310 and 410 are amazing (albeit EXPENSIVE), and the 110 might be just enough for what I need.  Ugh!  This is supposed to be getting easier, not harder!  Obviously I am desperate!  Please help!

And for those who are curious, yes I am trying to run through this pregnancy, though much slower and less than before, but haven't been so successful at being consistent.  And while the timing to get the Garmin might seem off as I'm hardly running and certainly not training for any big races, this is actually a really good time for me to invest in one for various reasons.  But I mean, come on, is there ever a BAD time to get a Garmin??

Thanks in advance, and I hope you're all running happy!
Merry pre-Christmas! (And Happy post- Hanukkah to any Jewish readers!) 


  1. I have the garmin 310xt. it is awesome. you can sweat in it, get it wet, has the heart rate monitor etc... I am definitely hooked:)

  2. I have the Garmin 310XT and am in love with it. I got this one because it have everything I need (interval training, heart rate monitor, you can command it to stop timing when you stop moving), and I can grow into it. If I ever decide to start riding a bike, I can use it with riding. I never have to worry about the rain or sweat since it's waterproof, and the newest software estimates distance in swimming too. My husband loves that I can save home and if I ever get lost (I know... it's odd that I get lost around my home, but sometimes I get a tad turned around), it will help me find my way home.
    Honestly, probably the only thing I could say is a drawback is the size of the thing. But on the upside, I can easily see the screen without having to shove the thing in my face.
    It's a lot of money, but I have found it to be WELL worth the money. (And just a heads-up, it was onsale on or RunnersWarehouse on Black Friday ($100 off!). You might have some luck the day after X-mas.

  3. ***I mean it has. I can't handle grammar mistakes. Sorry. :)


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