Thursday, June 23, 2011

According to Runner's World, I'm Toast

If you Google "marathon training",

one of the top results will be Runner's World.

Which has a little link below said result that you can click on that says 

"Are You Ready?"


Do yourself a favor.

If you just had a baby in May, haven't run since February, and got into the New York City Marathon when you weren't supposed to... 

do not click on this link.


In said article, they ask five questions to determine if you're ready to train for a marathon.

Have you been running for a year?
Do you have enough time to devote to training?
Are there other stresses in your life?
Do you think you can do it?
Why do you want to run a marathon?

My answers to those would be 

(unless you aren't just counting this past year)


yes, according to you. 
(they specifically list a new baby as a stress, true story, though I like to think of him more as a new blessing that just happens to take a lot of time. smile.)


because i got into the New York City Marathon, that's why.


I know it's absolutely insane, but tomorrow, six weeks after giving birth to my first child, I start training for a marathon, which is a mere




Sure, enough time to train for the average person. 

But for someone who would feel sore after walking down the street and back only 4 weeks ago, the marathon might as well be tomorrow.

But you know what,

despite what Runner's World and anyone who has even the slightest bit running wisdom has to say about it,

I really am excited.

Not just for the marathon I've dreamt about since childhood,

but to just get out and

run again.

(Even if it is a little different with jogging stroller in tow)


What are you all training for this summer?
Anyone else running NYC?


On a side note,
Christy and I finally met this past Monday!
(stole this picture from my other blog)

read about our meet up here
and go here to send good wishes to Christy, who starts her crazy tour of the world tomorrow!

happy wednesday! thanks for still following this poor blog. but now that I'm (almost) running again, I have no excuse not to update. Except, you know, having a newborn.

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