Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm in!

Much to my shock, awe, excitement, fear, and disbelief, I got into the 2011 New York City Marathon! 

I intially applied thinking I would never get in, but rather that I would start plowing away at my 3 strikes before I got an automatic entry.  Imagine my disbelief when I saw the above on my computer screen.  I literally had to search my name three times over just to make sure it was true.  I even then went and dug up my entry number in my inbox to make sure there wasn't another person with my name for whom I could have been mistaken.  Nope, it truly was me!

Of course, after the initial shock wore off (umm, actually it still hasn't), reality started to sink in and all I could think was "Umm, can I really run a MARATHON six months after having a baby?! Am I INSANE?!"

The answer to that would be no, and yes.

But I am committed.  I've dreamt of this race since childhood, and I am setting NO goal time for myself.  Just run the thing, enjoy every.single.second of it, and plant some huge kisses on the faces of my baby and husband waiting at the finish line. 

Oh yeah, and also meet up with Christy (finally!) while I'm at it!

For those of you with an awesome memory, Christy also applied, but sadly did not get in.  It would've been so amazing to run together, but she is pure awesome and is so excited for me and we're definitely planning on meeting up sometime that weekend as those are her current stomping grounds!  Can't wait!

That, and she'll be running the one and only Marine Corps Marathon just a few weeks earlier (she was LITERALLY one of the last 5 or so people to register before it closed) so we'll be training for two AMAZING races at the same! ...though her training schedule will undoubtedly be WAY more hardcore than mine.  But I'm okay with that! :)

So while we've both 1) been crazy busy and 2) neglected this poor sorry blog immensely, we've both got some exciting things lined up in our running lives!  Now Christy just needs to finish this semester and my baby's got to come already {t-minus 5 days till my due date and counting} so we can get serious about this stuff!

Anyone else running NYC or MCM??


  1. thats awesome!! aaaand christy is awesome too... i hope you guys have a blast! good luck :) ill hopefull be there in 2014

  2. Congrats! You are both going to be awesome! Good luck with your training.

  3. That is so freakin exciting! Congrats! :)

  4. YAY! How exciting! You can do it...I know you can!!! :0)


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