Sunday, January 16, 2011

Guest Posting

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! I'm Guest Posting today over at Run, Courtney, Run. Courtney is an amazing runner and triathlete and her blog is definitely one of my favorites so I was more than happy to write a guest post for her! I wrote it all about diet and nutrition and how I maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle while being a vegetarian, semi-iron deficient, lactose intolerant runner! Check it out here!

I had my first long run of my Half Training Cycle today: 8 miles. It went pretty well! I had a long night yesterday filled with some of my boyfriend's college buddies and let's just say beer, shots and bombs followed by waffles for breakfast make for a not so great long run. I actually felt pretty ok throughout it but I'm super sore now!

I'm off to finish watching the Jets game! Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Let's Go Jets!!!

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  1. Great job on your training run! :0) Loved your guest post over on Run Courtney Run! :0)


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