Monday, July 25, 2011

The Return of Marathon Mondays

Hello blog friends! Christy here! I'm back from my overseas traveling! Didn't expect to hear back from me so soon, did ya? Well, I came back a month early. I'm quite ok with all of this since marathon training in India was not going according to plan. You try running 4 miles in 105 degree heat with 90% humidity and a heat index of 114. Yea...I did manage it a few times but I wasn't about to run 9 miles in that heat. That's just a recipe for heat stroke!

So, my trip was fantastic. The Netherlands, Bosnia, Serbia, Italy and India were all greeted with my Nikes as I made ran around the world this summer. But now, after a week of being jet lagged and sick, I'm back to the grind as they say and in full swing of Marine Corps Marathon Training!

The Marine Corps Marathon is 14 weeks away and while I originally set out on a 16 week training plan, Week 1 was kind of a bust. Week 2 was much better but instead of setting out for the 9 mile long run I should have, I opted for 6 in order to keep as much with the 10% rule as possible (not increasing your weekly mileage by more than 10%). So with a somewhat successful Week 2 out of the way, I'm marking today as the official start of my MCM training cycle. I'll be posting my schedules from week to week and letting y'all know how I'm doing as the weeks go by! So, Marine Corps Marathon Week 14 (I'm counting down!) is going to look like this:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 3 miles (10:04/mile)
Wednesday: 5 mile hill workout
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: 5 miles (10:04/mile)
Saturday: 5 miles (10:04/mile)
Sunday: 9 miles (10:04/mile) plus 3 mile shakeout run later in the day
Total Planned Miles: 30

So that's the week ahead! I love a training plan that starts with a Rest Day =) Sunday's run is supposed to call for 12 miles but again, keeping with the 10% rule, I'm going to split it up. Next week is supposed to be a step back week so rather than stepping back, I'm going to go from a 9 mile SLR (Sunday Long Run) this week to a 10-miler next week and from there I'll be right on track for MCM training!

Since I'm home early also means that I'm going to drag Chloe out for some joint runs. She doesn't know this yet though. =)

Happy Monday!

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