Monday, August 01, 2011

Marathon Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great training week last week! I sure did! Despite the fact that I was still recovering from serious jet lag, had a very handsome Pilot pay me a visit and had 2 very evil professors impose an earlier than planned deadline for a 25 page paper, I still managed to get in all of my scheduled workouts!

While I missed Tuesday's 3 mile easy run because of said paper, I decided to double up on Wednesday and follow up a tough morning Hill Workout with an easy shakeout 3 mile run and just like that, I got in 30 happy (tough!) miles for the week!

This week is supposed to be a step back week from what should have been a 12-miler on Sunday but since I split that up into a 9 mile long run with a 3 mile shakeout, it's not going to be too much of a step back run for me but that is perfectly fine with me since I'm finally as of this week, in what should be Week 4 of Marathon Training, on schedule! So with that being said, Week 13 (remember, I'm counting down!) of MCM Training is going to look like this:

Monday: Rest Day (after 2 runs yesterday, I'm taking this one very seriously!)
Tuesday: 4 miles (10:04/mile)
Wednesday: 5 mile hill workout
Thursday: Time Trial (1 mile)
Friday: 4 miles (10:04/mile)
Saturday: 4 miles (10:04/mile) + Escape to Yoga Island!
Sunday: 10 miles (10:04/mile)

It's going to be a great training week! I'm especially excited for Escape to Yoga Island this weekend! Are you in the NY area? Let me know if you'll be there!

Next week marks the end of my easy 10:04 miles and the beginning of striders, marathon-pace runs (which I still have to figure out, longer hill workouts and faster's all part of Conquering 26.2 though and I can't wait for it!


  1. Sounds like things are coming along nicely! The yoga island thing sounds great!

  2. Hey Christy! Thanks for the visit yesterday. I'm gunna follow you for motivation and because you seem like a pretty awesome person. <3

    Take care!


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