Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Featured Runner: Katye from Long Legs on the Loose

For our featured runner this week, we have Katye from Long Legs on the Loose.  I'm sure many of you already read her blog, but if not, now is a good time to start!  She's an awesome girl who started running just for charity and wears some seriously awesome outfits, as well as having some seriously long legs!  Enjoy her interview...you'll just love her!

Meet Katye.
{pictured above at her first marathon}

1.  What inspired you to start running in the first place?
Cancer. I was never a runner. I played soccer and did cheerleading but my movement of choice was always dance. Loved the way it let me express myself and clear my mind. But as of late, I was getting injured over and over and the doctor basically told me I was destroying my feet and ankles and if I wanted to stop breaking my toes and feet and spraining my ankles, I needed to not dance so much. Ugh! But I knew it was true and I knew I needed something to fill the hole. But I didn't know what that was until I got a purple pamphlet in the mail. And thew it away. And for some reason I picked it back up and checked it out. It was for Team in Training and before I knew it I had signed me and my dad (who was pub hopping in Ireland and had no idea at the time) up to run the Disney Half Marathon in January 2010 with a goal of raising $7,000. The rest is history =)

2.  What is your most memorable running moment?
Okay this one is so very hard. Its a very hard toss up between my first marathon and my first half. It might be a tie. The Disney Half was the first race over 5k I had ever run and at the time, I had only been running for 6 months. The stamina and endurance I acquired over those 6 months AMAZED me. How could I have made it from barely being able to make it thru 2 miles to finishing a half marathon? I was over the moon. The marathon was a bit different. Because of an IT injury, I really hadn't been able to train the way I wanted to. As a matter of fact, my longest run before my marathon was 14 miles. Yep that's it. Although I did run/walk a 16 miler. But needless to say I was nervous. But I did it and felt amazing! I loved every second of it. Never hit the wall. And as soon as I finished I was so overwhelmed. I burst into tears. The emotions I went through during that 4 hours and 19 minutes was amazing and I learned so much in those 26.2 miles.

3.  What piece of running gear will you never run without?
Running skirt. And not just a running skirt...a www.runningskirts.com running skirt! Most comfortable thing I have ever run in and now I can't stand running in shorts. I also LOVE my compression socks, hand held, Ipod, and my dearest Gracie (my garmin).

Me and T of Racing With Babes before the MAC Half in May
4.  Any upcoming races?
Yes! I have a the Philly Half Sept. 19th and the following weekend I am headed to Washington to run the You Go Girl Half with a bunch of WONDERFUL bloggers! In November I am coaching my TNTers on course at the Nike Women's Marathon. But I'm most excited to conquer the Goofy Challenge in January and BOSTON in April!

5.  What is your *dream* race or distance?
Dublin Marathon! I still have family in Ireland that I have never met so I would love to make a vacation of it.

6.  Have you ever run for charity? If so, what charity?
I am the DEFINITION of Charity runner =) So far I have raised $26,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team In Training this year and am about to jump in to raising hopefully another $5,000 for Athletes Serving Athletes (http://www.athletesservingathletes.org) before Boston. ASA is a charity started by one of my dad's friends that matches disabled athletes with able bodied athletes to run and tri together. Its a WONDERFUL organization and I am so excited to serve them!

7.  What advice would you give for someone who is thinking about taking up running
Only do it if you enjoy it. Don't force yourself to run to loose weight. You will miss so much! Take it one step at a time, literally! Take your time, find a training program, weather your goal is to run a mile or 100 miles, a safe plan is a must! And just enjoy it. Pace and times are great but sometimes you just have to run to feel alive.

8.  What advice would you give to a first-time marathoner?
Stick. To. Schedule. Do not up those miles too fast! I learned the hard way. And keep your head up. There are some really hard times in training and running the marathon. But I PROMISE you it is so worth it! The feeling you will have at the end it unlike any other. Just always remember you are capable of so much more than you initially realize. Just let your body do its thing =) But also remember, the marathon is as, if not more, mental than it is physical!

9.  What's one thing you don't like about running?
The fact that my stomach doesn't love it nearly as much as the rest of me does. Enough information.

10.  What is your favorite form of cross-training, if any?
Right now I am doing P90X and it is kicking my butt! I STRONGLY believe you need strength and core training to be a better runner. So much of running has nothing to do with your legs. I also really like the Cybex Arc Trainer. Similar motion to running with less impact...but still super hard!

11.  Tell me about your very first race.
It was a local 5K that is held at my college. I signed up on a whim. It was actually a great first race. Small enough not to be too intimidating but big enough to give a the feel for the race atmosphere. Also, it ran around our campus and alot of the pretty surrounding neighborhoods so I was familiar with the area. It was hilly and difficult but I ran the entire thing and I was really proud of myself!

Blogger Meet Up after my 1:47 Half PR in Chicago!
12.  How do you get yourself out the door on the days that you hate running?
Tall Mom Mel once gave me the best advice ever. "You will ALWAYS regret the run you skip, but you will NEVER regret a run". But most powerfully, I make myself remember how many people would give anything to be in my spot. There are so many sick and disabled people out there suffering and going through so much who would do anything to be able to go out there and run. God has blessed me with a body that can run. Who knows how long that will last? Things can change in an instant. So I run because I can!

13.  What running shoes do you swear by?
Bad question for me. I work in a running store and have 16 pairs of running shoes! AHH!!! But for the most part I rotate between my Mizuno Riders, my Newton Gravities, and my Brooks Launch. Love them all!
Have you had any running injuries that sidelined you for a period of time? If so, what did you do to recover?
Yep. I never had pain running but while in marathon training I was about 5 miles into a run when this pain shot up through my knee up through my hip. It stopped me in my tracks and I could barely put any weight on it. Bending it and stretching it ached so bad. And I was 2 miles away from my car. I limped my way back and cried for the first time running. I soon found out it was ITBS. With alot of icing, stretching, foam rolling (best thing ever!), and ughhhh resting I got myself back on track but it was so hard. I felt hopeless and thought I would never make it to my marathon. But I did what I was supposed to and thank goodness I have been pain free ever since!

14.  What are five of your favorite songs from your running playlist?
iYiYi-Cody Simpson (total tween crap but I LOVED it. The beat it awesome!)
Pirate Song- Flogging Molly (my speed song!)
Anything Ke$sha and Lady GaGa
There, There Katie- I swear this song was written for me. Its more of a "I really need the inspiration right now" song!
If I had You- Adam Lambert (I can't stand him! But its catchy)
I Like it-Enrique baby!

I have a ton of LOVE it songs too hard to pick so I put 6 =)

With Kara and Adam Goucher! Kara is one of my all time role models with running and life! I have met her twice and gotten to bibs signed by her, San Diego and Chicago! She is such a sweetheart!
15.  If there was one running accomplishment that you wish you could achieve with no possibility of failing, what would it be?
To keep enjoying running and remember why I started. I don't want it to become a chore and if it does, I'm down. I have an ultimate goal of raising $50K for charity through running and I'm well on my way!

Thanks, Katye!  You made for one great feature this week, and you have some awesome stories!

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  1. Great post! I'm already a follower of her blog and love it! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. funny that she just commented...i was going to nominate Silly Girl Running this week! Not only is she a hardcore runner...but she can blog in two different languages. so that makes her awesome in my book!

  3. i love katye!! i met her through virtual tnt and raced the princess marathon w/her...well, of course, she was way ahead of me! she is a great pic for your feature! she's also doing a guest post for my blog this week! stay tuned!

    i also nominate silly girl running-- just became a follower last week and i'm very impressed!

  4. YAY! Thanks for featuring Kayte! Her blog is fabulous =o)

  5. another great one!!
    i nominate husband and wife... heather and aaron :)



  6. I follow Katye's blog and still learned something new about her. Great interview.

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  8. I LOVE Katye! So glad she was featured.


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