Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Running Buys/Random Running Rambles

So I just ordered a GO Belt from Amazon and I'm pretty excited about it!  I would post a picture, but the picture is being funny, so here's the link if you want to see it.  What's really cool about it is that I received $20 worth of promotion codes for being part of the Gatorade online review board, so I only paid $2.24 for it to be shipped! :]  Good deal, no?

What has your experience been with running belts?  I really needed something for my phone and gels/chews, although I must say I've been getting pretty creative with creating carrying systems as of late!  But I'm kind of hesitant to have something around my waist, despite ALL the reviews saying it doesn't bounce at all, and you don't feel it, etc.  I'm probably going to end up looking like the biggest loser [not the one from the tv show, ha] but whatever.  Sometimes I feel like the "better" I get at running {I say better very loosely}, the more crap I have to carry around.  What's up with that?  I should be downsizing as I get better, not accumulating!  Oy vey.

In other news, my parents gave me some money for my birthday{in addition to a pretty cute Lilly Pulitzer shirt and PSYCH season 4 on dvd.  They're awesome}, and I'm thinking I'm gonna put it towards getting a runningskirts.com skirt.  Now to decide which one to get!  The princess ones are super cute AND 50% off right now, buut maybe I want a legit one?  You know, the one with the two running girls in the corner?  Ugh, I don't know.  I'm the worst decision maker ever.  But I'd like to decide soon, seeing as I'd like to have it for the half-marathon, which, by the way, is in

19 days.

Holy Moses.  Am I ready?  That would be a no.  Will I be ready?  I will certainly try!  I ran 9 miles this past weekend and while I was tired, I felt like I was able to stay pretty consistent with my pace, but said pace was slightly slower than my hoped-for race pace, and I felt like I was really pushing myself at the end.  Blast.  And I still have to add four point one more miles. 

Anyway, who's ready for some fall-running?  I must suffer from short-term memory loss after training for that first marathon in the winter and being *miserable, but after this nasty summer, I can't wait for some crisp fall running.   I also can't wait for some winter running, when I get to cross finish lines in the snow

Yep, definitely short-term memory loss.

{ps. don't forget to check out Katye's feature today and tell her how awesome she is!}


  1. Looks like a neat betl!

    Oh my gosh I LOVE runningskirts.com!!! That's all I wear! lol They are so cute and so very comfortable! I think I have 12 total maybe? Something like that! lol

    Good luck on the race! :0) You'll do great!

  2. I love my fuel belt!!! While it does bounce around a bit at first, I usually can ignore it and that's usually only when the water bottles are both full! :) Joe makes fun of me for the belt, but I think it's a great help for the long runs!

  3. I truly devoled a long lasting relationship with my fuel belt in the last couple of months. I have a Nathan one and I actually feel 'naked' when I don't have it on.

    You should really get a runningskirts.com skirt from their new Fall/Winter collection. Too cute!

    And for winter running; well, autumn is here already (in Holland), and I'm happy with the cooler weather! :)

  4. OK...devoled should be developed...ofcourse...it's early...

  5. I once bought a belt to put my water bottle in while I was training for my marathon. The first time I used it I put some Gatorade stuff in it and hit the trail for a 16 mile run. Well, the belt was HORRIBLE and the bottle kept bouncing and hitting my back and spilling all over me - so four miles into the run I took it off and set it on the side of the trail and never looked back. Of course, I was already a soaked and sticky Gatorade mess, but since then I've just carried everything in my hands.
    Hope your belt luck is better!

  6. I like running belts, but I prefer the water bottles that have the extra thing you can tighten to your palm. :) good luck! (I am a new follower!)


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