Friday, September 03, 2010

Review: The Tytenz Go Belt


It came! It came! It came!

Remember how I ordered a running belt the other day (for which I only paid $2.24.  GOLDEN)?  Well it came today, just in time for my 10 miler tomorrow, and so far and I already love it!  I didn't get a choice of color because I bought it via, and they ended up shipping me black.  Disappointing when I realized I could have gotten pink, but I realized black will blend in better with my running shorts and won't be as LOOK-AT-ME as something neon-colored.  Ha.

Alright, so I probably shouldn't be posting a review until after I actually run with the thing {unless you count trotting/bouncing around my apartment while singing along to The Killers}, but I just couldn't resist.  This thing is awesome!  Here's a picture of it on me [don't mind the jean shorts.]

So first I tried it with some gels and my phone.  Not bad.  It didn't weigh me down or bounce or slide. Granted it was jean material, but again, bear with me on the lack-of-actual-usage-part.  Then I decided to stick my trusty iPod touch in there, and dreams of running armbands free starting swirling in my head.  This is also when The Killers sing-a-long commenced.

And that lumpy thing you see to the right?  Heh, that's my phone.  The one major qualm I have with the belt is that one pocket it WAY smaller than the other one.  So my phone sticks out awkwardly through the super stretchy fabric.  We'll see if it makes a difference in the bounce-age.

...but running arm-band free seems like a dream come true.  Can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

Oh ps. other exciting news!  There's a big half-marathon going on this Sunday not to far from us, so Josiah and I are hitting up the expo tomorrow (I going fully armed with birthday money) and we're going to stay to see John Bingham interview Frank Shorter, Jim Ryun and Greg Meyer.  Is it bad that I'm most excited about seeing John Bingham? LOL.  Should be fun!

Happy long weekend everyone!
What long runs or races do you have going on?


  1. Cool, that's neat that it has two pockets. The race expo sounds fun!

  2. Getting new gear is always exciting. Have fun at the expo. I'd be excited about meeting John Bingham.

    I'm racing a 10K on Monday morning.

  3. Please share when you took the belt out for a run; would really love to know whether or not it's comfy! :) Have fun at the expo!

  4. Not bad at all! I would have been excited too! Love the belt! Hope it works well for you! :0)


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